mcg megan and dinaOver the last 20 years, MCG has performed at many venues and festivals in Victoria. The group can perform a  variety of traditional repertoire, with different setups including  a large ensemble, small ‘gadhon’ group, Javanese shadow puppet performance, and Javanese dance accompaniment. We can offer different types of performances and repertoire, to suit the event.
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Stage size- Please note – ‘Gamelan’ refers to the entire set of instruments as well as to the music played on them or the group who plays them.

Large ensemble -

For the traditional large ensemble the  group is comprised of 10 – 15 players using a set of several different types of instruments, ranging from small to large in size. We require a minimum of 6 x 6 metres to be able to fit all the instruments and players. As the players are seated on the ground, a stage or raised platform is preferable for audience sightlines.

Loading – Due to the size and weight of some of the instruments, they are transported on a large trailer. We require loading access as close as possible to the stage, or access to large trolleys if possible.

Set up time – The group requires a minimum of 45 minutes set up in the performing space, and the same amount for pack up (some instruments need to be dismantled).

Technical Specs – Generally gamelan instruments do not need to be amplified. A vocal PA is required for the singer (venue to provide, or group will organise hire and add to performance fee). The singer will bring own microphone (Shure 58) and stand.

For a Wayang Kulit (Shadow puppet) show -

  • power supply for shadow screen light (provided by MCG)
  • 2 vocal lines (headset mic and vocal mic provided by MCG)

Dance performance with live accompaniment

  • requirements same as for large ensemble, plus  space for dancer (depends on number of dancers)

Small ensemble - requires a minimum of 5 players (more players can be used if space allows)

Space requirements

- minimum of 4 metres by 4 metres

Loading -

- requires loading access